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Roger Lewin and Birute Regine founded Harvest Associates and together, in 2000, wrote The Soul at Work: Embracing Complexity Science For Business Success. In paperback, it is renamed Weaving Complexity and Business: Engaging the Soul at Work. This book reveals organizational transformation and complexities and a new way of understanding it.

Birute Regine, EdD. earned her degrees from Harvard in developmental psychology, is a researcher and writer who specializes in the dynamics and development of relationships and women’s role in the workplace, and is trained in gestalt therapy. Regine speaks to corporations and at national conferences on transforming the workplace to be personally fulfilling, humane, and economically successful.
Roger Lewin, Ph.D. is a prize-winning author of twenty popular science books. His book Complexity: Life at the Edge of Chaos holds the honor of being voted one of the top 100 science books for the 20th century. For ten years he was News Editor of Science Magazine. He speaks to corporations, associations and at national conferences on complexity and business.  

They are both members of the Complexity Research Group at the London School of Economics and on several for-profit and non-profit boards, striving to transform the workplace.

On a personal note, Birute does modern dance, pilates and yoga, while Roger is a runner at heart. They both love to cook and put on fabulous and inventive parties. One of their sweet pleasures is to sit on the dock in their place in New Hampshire and watch the ever changing activity on the river, which they believe to be the best form of meditation. They also love films and theatre. Birute has a novel on the back burner and hopes to get back to her book on love someday. Birute also has a daughter Rasa, 25, and a son Romas, 22, whom she unabashedly adores. Roger has two sons who live in England, Jonathan, 28, and Adam, 30, who are as clever as he is. Birute and Roger love to travel, Tuscany being one of their favorite haunts.

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